topfauna-heart-logo-w250xh250px-tm-squareTopFauna LLC develops and markets life enhancing solutions for pets and recreational animals. It should be added that some of the products could also work to ease the life of certain captive animals that are kept and bred for professional purposes.


Product innovator

The goal of TopFauna is to be a product innovator, offering solutions of the type that have not exactly been available before, with the aim of making it easier and more accessible to  prevent potential troubles or deal with manifested problems that weigh down and decrease the life quality of pets.


Efficient User Interface

A major focus will also be on the users, by developing products with clearer and more easily understandable instructions than have been available before, which should make it more likely that the owners will actually carry out the instructions needed so that the pet will truly benefit from the product. A product not used to the full as it is supposed to be is of little use.


Efficient Publicity Channels

Brilliant and easy to use product is of little worth if people simply never know about it. Thus, it is the goal of using promotional methods that other companies offering similar products simply don’t seem to be using. With this, TopFauna wants to reach as far into the potential group of users as possible.


Dedicated Websites

Each group of products is hosted on its own website, with the goal that the website will become a centre for information and solutions in that given field. Please see Our Solutions for links to the product webs.


TopFauna LLC is owned and operated by Sven Sigurdarson. He has a university education in marketing, art/design school studies, and also with background in videomaking, newspaper journalism and creative writing, as well as various other fields. More of a dog’s person, he unfortunately lives in a building where dogs are not allowed, but intends to change that soon.