Sound Phobia Free™ for Dogs

sound-phobia-free-logo-noiphothersolu-noshadow-png-300px-71pxOur Sound Phobia Free for Dogs solution is a classical noise phobia therapy solution, with 30 sounds. It is available on a CD disc on The main bulk of training and instructions is given on the website The customer uses a standard password that is printed on the CD disc, to access  the training pages. This line is sold at, and the discs are manufactured by CreateSpace, Amazon’s subsidiary. Sound Phobia Free for Dogs entered the market in May of 2014, and is TopFauna’s first product.

Sound Phobia Free website.

New Product Lines

A new group of product lines is currently in the last stages of development. It will include two ground-breaking innovations that should have the potential to change the game in this field. These innovations will make the process itself, or what the human handler needs to do to implement the process, much easier, simpler, and free from certain risk that previous methods have included. The innovations will also make the experience more natural. This is however not a new kind of noise phobia therapy, fundamentally. It’s just the steps needed to be taken that are re-engineered.

On top of that, the new lines will be revolutionary in the way, that they will include solutions for all types of pets, and not just the most common ones. Before most therapy solution have been for dogs, with one maker offering solutions for horses, and another recently a single solution for cats. This new product line will include customized instructions for eighteen types of pets, from the most popular dogs and cats, and down to fennec foxes and short-tail opossums.

The new product line is set to be introduced pretty soon (written in August of 2015), so stay tuned…